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Saturday, 23 June 2012


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"At the stroke of a parliamentary quill pen you could fire two thirds of HMRC staff,..."

(Er, David? Careful. I'm told your Knighthood is being discussed.)

No, JK, not so. Instead, fed up with waiting, I have adopted a rather slick piece of underhand trickery by putting it about that I was offered one but refused it on principle. Goes down awfully well with young ladies of a Left-ish bent. Put it around, won't you!

This is the one mention of Jimmy Carr that I read that makes sense.

On another note, since you seem to be having fun with evil politicians, take a look at this, from Obama's web site:

And be sure to look at the comments. Have you ever seen anything so low-class in your life?

I sincerely believe it is the right of every single person to pay not a single peso, cent, centavo, penny, whatever, more than absolutely necessary and legal, to the tax people.

Let's face it, you'd be a bloody fool to offer them any more than you have to!

Yes, Dom, I picked up on that one via the media. I loved that commenter who said he's be begging for donations at funerals and quick as a flash someone else wrote, 'well, the dead vote for him, so why not?' Anyway, deeply touched, I would send him a Christmas card but who knows what his address will be in December?!

Comeon, Andra, your lovely prime minister needs the money to pay for her elocution lessons!

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