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Tuesday, 12 June 2012


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That's the nice thing about this economic crisis. All these God-like people crashing in flames.

Yes, but unfortunately so are a few 'mere mortals'!

That'll be President Toomas ILVES, not LIVES. Yes, he is indeed 'un vrai bon oeuf'.

"It doesn't matter what they say about you as long as they spell your name right."

Sorry to come back immediately, but I was suspicious about the Krugman report. It struck me as curious that a such a humiliating empty room didn't rate a gloating mention in any of the Krugman-sceptical press. Yes, I too think he's an idiot - worse, a dangerously plausible, hectoring, thin-skinned, humourless idiot - but I went back to source material.

Film of the keynote discussion can be found by masochists at Krugman comes on at 22 minutes into the video. In the subsequent 5 minutes he makes a lot of noise, but says little. The hall was not empty. The video-link the IHTM and others have pictured was to a smaller room at the convention centre or elsewhere.

Pah! That'll teach me to quote from news reports. But what the hell, 'Webbers', why spoil a good joke with irritating facts?

Perhaps because you call me 'Webbers' ;-)

"The Nobel Foundation, which awarded Peace Prizes to Al Gore and Barack Obama and an Economics Prize to Paul Krugman,...": oh balls Duffers. The economics prize isn't a Nobel, it was invented by the Swedish Central Bank as a celebration of the oily self-regard of the economics profession, and in acknowledgement of their physics envy.

"physics envy"! I've heard of 'penis envy' but that's a new one on me, DM.

I keep telling you, 'Webbers', you're banned! Doesn't anyone pay any attention to me on this site?

Oh ignorant me, I read the Sun now and then and the Parish Magazine too so I am fairly well 'up'. But checking Google for 'the 100 most cited economists' Mr Krugman is 17th - but I had hardly heard of most of the others. So then I checked out 'the 100 most cited scientists' and I had not heard of most of them either. Something funny going on....

WHAT?! Do you mean to say my name wasn't up there somewhere near the top?

"WHAT?! Do you mean to say my name wasn't up there somewhere near the top?

Shoulda used this search engine - Professor David Duff, #3!

Bloody hell! The man's obviously a total prat and, I insist upon it, absolutely no relation even if I do have (alleged) Canadian antecedents!

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