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Sunday, 03 June 2012


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Nicely put!

I suspect Her Majesty (and no I'm not monarchist, just ex-forces) has done so by being/acting in a quintessentially British manner (reserve, understatement, fair-play, etc.). Compare and contrast with the heads of state of other countries (chavs, pederasts, criminals and the corrupt) and even the funding seems relatively reasonable (considering almost all her assets remain the property of the country anyway).

I suspect the real reason she has hung on as long as she has is that she is well aware that it is her persona that holds the monarchy in its place (both tradition and her personal identification as an 'institution'), when whoever replaces her ascends to the throne I suspect it may fizzle out in a short order, the alternatives seen as nothing more than either 'David Icke or Posh& Becks with crowns'.

I feel vaguely unsettled on contemplating Britains decline. Consider now we have more Admirals than ships in the Royal Navy, and wasn't all that intentional? As to the break-up of the Empire, it wasn't just the socialists as you'll be aware (and aren't they enjoying it? soon there won't be a Britain anymore). For myself I have most 'difficulty' with the Americans involvement (increasing the financial problems by 'loaning' us money after WW 11, whilst 'gifting' everyone else. Pushing for independence of the colonies whilst scrambling to take over those and other countries themselves - hypocrites? or just self-interest either way they've [the politicians that is] have never been our friends - special relationship, Pah!). Sorry for the digression.

Hear, hear, DD.

XX Today we shall witness a very English event as hundreds of boats of a variety of types and makes and spanning a great deal of the 20th century paddle, row, punt (there is a Venetian punt in the parade) steam and chug their way down the Thames to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's Diamond jubilee.XX

Aye, well, ther WAS a time when the Royal Navy had REAL ships.

Furor. British event old chap. Good article David well done. I will do an additional toast just for you at our annual dinner this September.

Actually, Able, I am rather more hopeful than you for the future of the monarchy. Charles is moving into his dotage in which he will be looked on kindly as an elderly ecentric - and by and large the English love eccentrics. However, I think Wills and Kate are very definitely of the 21st century. Both are informal but seem to possess the necessary gravitas when required. As for the future of Britain, like you I keep mulling over possibilities and probabilities with which I might bore you later.

'FT', I understand your grumpiness but I'm not at all sure that we need any ships at all these days. Again, I will write on this later.

Come on, Jimmy, do tell - whose "annual dinner" and why?

Trafalgar Day would be a good date for a dinner. Death to the French!

Excellent post, D, many thanks.

Indeed a health unto Her Hajesty!

Long to reign over us, confound their knavish tricks, etc etc (btw wasn't there some rude remark about the Scots somewhere in one of the now-censored verses?).

There's nobody like her.

David. RAOC Association Scotland Branch 15 Sep 2012. Our big British bash is in Coventry a week on Saturday.

''There is a lady sweet and kind,
Was never face so pleased my mind;
I did but see her passing by,
And yet I love her till I die.''

Thomas Ford. Popular Aussie Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies said this about ER II when they first met.

Reference the "concert" last night, watching the Queen being pushed and pulled around like a prize stage prop by the top floating court jesters of the chav-scum barrel was rather disturbing.

The underclass destroyed the working class by morphing from them, the middle class by robbing them with taxes, borrowing and printing to fund their something for nothing livelihoods and now the upper class by lowering them to the status of X-Factor contestants.

A rot that started at the bottom and has now reached the very top.

As the Bard put it in similar circumstances: -

"Down, down I come; like glistering Phaethon,
Wanting the manage of unruly jades.
In the base court? Base court, where kings grow base,
To come at traitors' calls and do them grace.
In the base court? Come down? Down, court! down, king
For night-owls shriek where mounting larks should sing."



'Envelope', I may have to report you for 'galloping Frenchism'!

Andrew, they should re-instate the Scottish rudery with immediate efect!

Jimmy, well done, wars are won by supply and the Royal Army Ordnance Corps are, or were, the supplier par excellence. I'm sure their successors in the RLC are equally up to scratch. Enjoy your evening - and your memories.

Andra, such sweetness - and from an Aussie, too!

Christ, SoD, what did you have to eat today? Cheer up, man, er, but don't ask me why!

Delighted to see your reference to the Massie book, which is suberb.

One of the very best, in my opinion, 'Webbers'.

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