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Wednesday, 25 July 2012


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It was my impression at the time that Major was setting up to accept the surrender of the IRA, with suitable window-dressing, and that it was Blair who gave them more than was necessary. That would certainly fit with his limited intellect and knowledge of history, and his demented, narcissistic personality.

You could be right, DM.

I expect all those people have been made redundant so that we can spend their wages on more admirals and major-generals.

Indeed, Andrew, if we had as many ships as we have admirals our navy would rule the waves again!

The British Army have released their analysis of the situation.

Joe, very many thanks for that link which I have bookmarked for later study.

The British made the mistake of under pressure from the likes of Gerry Fitt (Lord) disbanding the B Specials. They had the intelligence on most thugs from both communities and had sorted out the IRA during previous campaigns. A lot of people lost their lives because of British policy.

people believe spies are chosen from attractive men and women,as in novels; truth is that spying is a desperate, dirty occupation by ell proven and trained patriots,willing to sacrifice their lives often under extreme torture if captured; trained to nth degree, withdrawn from human ken, known only by number and alias to secret few, existing in constant danger; yet enjoying the thrill of accomplishment whatever the latest mission, possibly dropped on enemy area with explosives; many die fairly young unable to rejoin normal life

"A lot of people lost their lives because of British policy."
To be strictly accurate, Jimmy, a lot of people lost their lives because of IRA and Irish government policy.

Hello, Harry, and welcome to D&N. You are right with respect to certain agents at certain times in our history but most of the time, most of them, are just rather boring civil servants doing rather boring jobs.

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