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Friday, 20 July 2012


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Yes, so much better when bankers gave up being cautious and lent to everyone and his wife without the least care whether they could ever pay the loan back. Once that habit was adopted, things have just got better and better, haven't they?

Well, I remember my old - and old-fashioned - bank manager from years ago who looked askance at the liberties I tried to take with him because he had been trained since he was a clerk to say 'no' to everything. He took early retirement when it became clear that the new breed of managers were to say 'yes' to everything. Mind you, it suited me!


Speaking of bankers and such.

I am not sure if the irony is tragic or comedy.

Well, bit of both, I suppose, Hank. International capital is like water going down hill, it looks for the easiest route.

I agree David

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