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Monday, 09 July 2012


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Mozart certainly seems to have been rather odd in many respects. His letters show a fondness for scatological humour. This is remarked upon in Brigid Brophy's beautiful set of Essays entitled Reads. There is also this

But it is also worth noting that Germans in general have a more robust attitude to shitting thatn the Brits, and scatalogical references are far more common in German literature.

Some people think that Mozart had what we would today call Tourette's Syndrome. He would blurt or yell out words and phrases, and was forever drumming with his fingers as if playing an imaginary piano, or singing little phrases over and over to himself.

He also had a serious gambling problem.

Aye, he sounds like an intelligent "Aspie". Bernard Levin was of the opinion that Mozart was a conduit, with God pouring in music at the top.

Whatever Levin said or wrote is gospel to me!

I've just found one blog that may interest you. It looks as if the guy knows what he's talking about.

Thank you, Ortega, I only have time to quickly skim through it but it is obviously written by someone in a good position to observe and comment. I have saved it for later reading. Again, many thanks.

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