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Friday, 13 July 2012


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Another jolly good way to visit Venice is to go in early May after a week in Florence. The blessed relief of the absence of traffic endlessly trying to run you down adds to the wonderful joy you get by strolling around the world's most beautiful work of art.

I absolutely agree with you, DM, on the subject of the traffic in Florence, a city with which I was underwhelmed! And I loathed most of the art, too! Sorry, but I can't stand that Italian Rennaissance stuff, gangster art, I call it. Wotcha' fink of those Turners, then?

Many thanks. Particularly for the Klee works. I was aware of him, of course, but it is only due to you banging on about him that I have actually tried to look deeply. He has the knack of being able to paint pictures that work on an emotional level, without us having much of an idea why. They just make us happy, don't they?

Absolutely right, 'W', there is a childish delight in his work which charms, although in the mid to late '30s his art became more sombre, even threatening. Instead of the delicate lines he normally deployed you find great, thick, black slashes. Of course this period covered the rise of the Nazis and later it presaged his own death in 1940.

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