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Monday, 23 July 2012


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In the good old days, wars started when the peasants had got the harvest in and had time to practice their marching. So everything is going to go tango uniform sometime in September. I wonder if I should really be going on holiday in Cyprus at the end of September. Is it too far to walk back, I wonder........

"Poor Europe, what did we do to deserve such moronic leadership."

Here in the UK we elected them. Don't ask me why though.

I would suggest swimming lessons, 'Envelope', a.s.a.p.!

Yes, AK, we should never forget that in a democracy we elect our leaders but in a plea of mitigation for the defence, what "an absolute shower" we had to choose from!

Actually, it makes me wonder how on earth to vote in the next election which I suspect might come a lot sooner than some people expect. 'Dave', 'Ed' and 'Nick' - Dumb, Dumber and Beyond Dumbness.

My practice, since the fall of Mrs Thatcher, is to vote for someone else. Anyone else but Lib, Lab or Con. When enough people do this, the system will crash. Might be messy, but it is only way to get change.

It's an idea, 'Envelope', but where's the Monster Raving Loony Party when you need it?

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