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Monday, 02 July 2012


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I'm going to vote "no" whatever deal Cameron brings back from Brussels. At the very least a majority "no" vote will let him go back to Brussels to get better terms and then offer a referendum on those. Whereupon I'll vote "no" again, of course. The buggers aren't going to catch me twice.

I at least managed to get one thing right in 73 years, I voted 'No' the first time round. Following a well-thought out act of shrewd political analysis, you ask? Nah, just good, old-fashioned Brit prejudice. What's known as the 'grunt-snuffle' technique!

What bothers me about any vote is the torrent of lies and propaganda we'll have to endure. Even when we are in the present mess, people could be swayed by a well-funded Yes campaign.

The BBC will be as subtle and influential as usual and it won't be supporting the No vote.

Completely off topic, Duffers, but aren't you impressed by this tough wee lass?

Never mind, AK, 'we shall fight on the BBC, we shall fight on The Guardian ... we shall never surrender', er, and all that sort of thing!

DM, I want her to have MY babies! What a woman!


Ain't you a trifle too middle aged to go hunting Giants with a sling shot? : -)

I am more and more convinced that even if all the crises were worked out the UK can only be a square peg in an EU round whole. Every one, I think, would end up happier with the UK outside the EU.

And some reading that explains much about the policies of Her Majesties Government.
Hank’s Eclectic Meanderings

I have saved that link, Hank, for later perusal - it looks very interesting.

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