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Wednesday, 25 July 2012


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David. I am sure I could handle half a dozen women at a time. Just invite a mate in to help out while resting.

You are a sick man, Duff.

Gosh 'n golly David, first time they've allowed me to type something on civilian email. But David, David it's serious.

Be a good fellow and find me an email address to the appropriate Ministry. I need to get one of your countryman's passport revoked while he's in your jurisdiction.

That's right --- your ol' pal Piers Morgan is back in the UK. Keep him - we've enough of media "personalities" here.

Oh. You can keep our politicians. They're even goofier in the UK. Less likely to do real harm though in your custody.

Jimmy, uou, of coruse, are a legend in you rown lifetime - let's hope you live longer than poor, old Uroku!

True, Andra - alas!

No, no, JK, Piers Morgan is a 'thank you' gift for all those food parcels you sent during the war!

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