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Saturday, 14 July 2012


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I didn't know that there was a film version, but I will definitely seek it out. The novel is slight, as you say, but a work of genius. I hope the film has the bit about "The dog it was..." In the days before on-line omniscience, I remember it took me years to track that down.

Maugham is one of our best writers, in my opinion. A deep moral sense, but totally without bullshit. He knew that the "yarn" element is what grips the reader. Have you read "Of Human Bondage"? Superb.

The only things of his that I have read was years ago as a teenager when I was hooked on his Ashenden stories. Of course, then I did not know that at one stage of his life he had been 'our man in Moscow' - or one of them, at least! Also, I have read and seen one or two of his plays.

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