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Monday, 09 July 2012


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" Wayne Rooney has similar difficulties."

I would have thought that deploying almost any criteria, Rooney's difficulties are considerably greater...

You are absolutely right about the crying, though. I think it has something to do with the expression of any extreme emotion. What if we had a consistent winner who strutted and ridiculed his opponents? (Think Ali, maybe, or Becker at his worst). Would we take to them any more readily? The ideal for Brits is probably someone who wins, but takes it lightly. That way we can get a double sense of superiority: we win, and we are gentlemen (and ladies) about it.

I'm sure we will have plenty of opportunity to observe British losers in the upcoming boredom-fest that is the Olympics.

The Olympics! Dread thought - get me outta here . . .

But but but, David!

Aren't you going to Captain Britain's Sychronized Swimming Team?

Go for the Gold Cap'n David! We here'n the US will take over the blubberin' if you'll do that.

The blubbing comes from being Americanised in his tender years.

JK, I am prepared, out of a sense of duty, to attend the ladies' beachball competition but that is all.

DM, to quote a phrase, "You might say that; I couldn't possibly comment."

dearieme makes an important point.

Has any other Scotsman ever openly cried in public? They just don't, do they? I think we might have a genuine case of the "No true Scotsman" fallacy here. There is a wee Glaswegian I sometimes see who jigs about in shop doorways shouting cognates of the word "Fuck" at passers by. He can sometimes appear a little damp around the eyes, but it could be whatever he is drinking from that can.

But famous jocks - they just don't, do they?

Well, I'll only believe they do on the day Sir Alex 'the wasp eater' Ferguson cries in public!

David. In general we cry after marriage like most men do. 'Whit ra fuck hiv a dun'. Tennis is as boring as watching snooker on black and white telly.

"Tennis is as boring as watching snooker on black and white telly."

Excellent, Jimmy!

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