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Thursday, 19 July 2012


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Yes, her attitude is bizarre, and in her first sentence she seems to acknowledge that fact. I can only make sense of it in terms of her instinctive horror at the fact of the holocaust getting mixed up with how it was presented to her. She directed her emotion at the wrong thing. Crossed wires. But one would imagine that anyone with the self-awareness to write about it would be able to keep their mouth shut and then re-think her position.

I am disinclined to pass judgement on people who had to survive such stuff - it's entirely beyond my ken. If you have to think critically about death camp survivors, it may be a better question to ask how many there were: can all those who claim to have survived really have been in the camps?

To re-think, 'W', you need to be able to think in the first place, a skill Ms. Breslaw has not yet mastered!

Almost certainly not, DM, but that, I think, is not the point Ms. Breslaw is making. She is inveighing against those who did, like her grandparents, and somehow, through the twisted unreason with which she is endowed, she thinks they have something to answer for.

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