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Sunday, 01 July 2012


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Admonish JK! you say David, Bombarded!

Actually, I'm rather like Santa Claus checking my list twice, literally now that Andra has added me to her "funnies forward" just as you yourself did long ago.

Yes fellow D&N readers, I have to check my incoming emails twice because Andra sends to David along with me - then David duly forwards in turn. (I usually delete David's because like Spike above) too much "free flow of dysentery" with my morning's coffee requires two morning showers.

Me being under the legal jurisdiction of Arkansas... well, I hope ya'll understand the risks I take exceeding my water-use limit simply to read my email.

But. I can't simply take a chance deleting them both out of hand because occasionally I receive something ... well, I'm six hours behind GMT and this fellow posts right at 3:30 pm my time - so in case ya'll click below, there's a chance this (South Korea) is from the future, er, the past. Whatever! Post's date is July 1st. Puttin' On The Ritz!

And thank you for the link. Looks absolutely fascinating. A way to stimulate the mind for people (like me!) who don't get a lot of time. The Miligan letter was brilliant. The man appeals because he had to take his wit and daftness to some of the worst places imaginable.

Ah, Spike Milligan. My childhood hero. I was and remain an avid Goon Show fan and I happily own several tapes (now converted to CD) of the radio shows, most of Milligan's books and a book of scripts.
I think some of my happiest memories are of sitting around the radio and roaring over every utterance.

"He's fallen in the water!"

"Ah, he's deading me!"

"Eccles, Eccles, where are you?" al

I also have a book written by his manager Sheila somebody, whom I think he married towards the end. Sheila's book has Milligan's famous letters to and from various notables and sundry whingers, like the one above.

Saw him on stage once in Cairns and was invited by his manager to come and meet the great man and have a cup of tea or something but I felt it might shatter my Milligan illusions if he turned out to be a mere male.

Haven't looked JK's site yet but it sounds like a beaut.

And JK - naughty boy. I DO NOT send anything from David to you or vice versa. Pay attention or I'll cancel you altogether.

Well my Dear Love Andra, you do unnerstan' doncha?

Santa checking lists twice?

"Naughty or Nice"?

No Andra, you don't send "anything from David" --- heh. And yes I recognize that. Before you fell for that other fellow (incitingly...) David'd reminded me of a magazine titled "Mayfair" then...

'N that's the thing, Hong Kong in 1977, or Hong Kong in 2008. All that I recalled was an email. I didn't need David's reminding me JK and Andra pledged ... well, as I recall, those nice young Australian Marines "asking" I support your Duchessness or whatever ... anyway: once I got out of the hospital, I figured you'd move from Australia to Arkansas.

That didn't happen and it turned out David wasn't as he'd claimed, of "Oirish descent" which of course placed me in a quandary.

I don't know Andra. But know this .... well, I suppose it's Santa Clause. One of David's links - "Naughty or Nice" but not Mayfair:


Don't know how you did it but I congratulate you Andra. Still I'd admit, you are one fine woman. I would say, I don't care what I look like now, and I recall Andra in her youth, ...

Oh well.

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