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Monday, 30 July 2012


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Thank God they haven't shot her. Seriously, remember Waco and Ruby Ridge. These effers seem to be free to do whatever takes their fancy. (At least that thuggish policeman from the Met was charged and tried - if the jury won't convict, it's not the fault of The System.)

You know, DM, how resolutely pro-American I am - despite it all - but it is always the little things that get to me. And the problem with little things as executed (carefully chosen word) by megalithic government agencies is that the results are almost always catastrophic for the individual. That, incidentally and I know you don't need any convincing, is why we must get out of this European construction as soon as possible.

I wouldn't whistle at any cetacean. It can get you into serious difficulties.

So that's why the Memsahib keeps agitating for me to take her to Weymouth - and I thought it was to see the Olympic sailing boats!

Well, at least Georges isn't gay.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Dammit, Ma'am, there's nothing gay about us west countrymen, er, or our dolphins either!

Didn't think you knew any of the Nigerian royals David?

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