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Sunday, 08 July 2012


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"from a middle-class, Welch background but attained a first class degree in modern languages at Cambridge": wotcha mean "but"?

Sorry, sorry, sorry, DM, "but" changed to "and".

Of "Welch" background?

Well, The Cowboy Online?

One thing ya need get used to reading D&N is the author plays by his own set of grammar, puncuation and especially spelling rules.

DM say's it 'cause David's "been Americanized" but I have my doubts. Still, near as I can tell, here're some common examples David adheres rigorously to:

Thank you, 'Cowboy', and welcome to D&N. Do you fancy a job as my sub-editor? Why do I find it impossible to spot my own errors? If they saw that in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch (
they'll stone me to death with dictionaries.

JK, eccentricity and a dislike of rules and regs is the mark of an English gentleman, a status to which I aspire but have not yet reached - but, Godammit, a man can try, can't he? (Thanks for that useful link.)

And actually, JK, you're a fine one to pull me up on my grammar! When I think of the mangled American prose that you deposit in my Comments box which looks as though it has gone through an Enigma machine - backwards - the words 'pot', 'kettle' and 'black' occur!

Whalll... I'd admit to being jes the wee littlest bit of a poor esample.

A blogger called "JK" and a related reference to Enigma machines. Hm, is this like a virtual game of Cluedo? I wonder who could be meant. Does he or she have their own blog?

Well, I'm supposed to be in charge here and I haven't a clue!

Nope wonderer I'm a simple Ozarkian (Arkansas) Hillbilly - not to be confused with the ones you're apt to notice should this blog's author capitalize both the "H" & the "B" - at that David's referring to Arkansas' Two and True Gift To The World, Bill & Hill which dumb hillbillies we are, could only rid ourselves of, by getting first Bill then Hill into the Fed'rul Gummit.

And of course - settin' the both of them up with a New Yawk residence (for which [check David's sidebar] Malcolm remains to this day) eternally grateful.

No "wonderer" I, JK am no blogger. I'm more respectably known as, a fly in the ointment. Whooo Pig Soooie, Go Razorbacks!

(If I occasionally seem to make sense - you Sir are not drinking enough beer!)

See what I mean about going through an Enigma machine backwards!

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