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Tuesday, 10 July 2012


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What is NATO for? It is for the defence of its member state's territory. What has happened is that the Anglo-American governments have perverted NATO's purpose. It was not designed for intervention in various Muslim slums, nor was it designed for internal security. It could easily be returned to its original purpose, especially if it expelled the French.

"that doesn't include us, your cousins nephews!"

Ah, but it will, D, it will.

You know as well as I do, that if NATO ceases to exist the EU will be right there ready to grab all the power for itself, taking over our military (what's left of it) in the process.

And you also know that dim Dave will stand by while they do so, applauding from time to time.

Well, Envelope, that might have been the case when the Soviets were a threat but the 'Thugocracy' running Russia today might swagger about but they're all busy grafting 'loadsa' money to really want to invade western Europe. And if the North Africans invade Italy, well, let Italy sort it out! Same for Turkey and Syria.

Andrew, I agree that the EU will try to take over - they are already doing so in some respects led by the French - but there is no reason why we should go along - apart from Dave's utter feebleness. And I do think the Americans would be very reluctant to abandon a perfect off-shore base like Britain. I mean, the only reason they were stuck in central Europe was to ensure that some GIs were killed by an invader thus ensuring American participation. But here, they can sit off-shore, influential but not necessarily taking part - same as us!

Well, the last time the North Africans invaded Europe they got to Tours. Later on, the Turks got to the walls of Vienna. (see well-known blog). I think that relying on the Italians might be a mistake.

I'm not relying on them, 'Envelope', I'm just trying to avoid an immediate entanglemetn on their behalf. Not, I hasten to add, that I have anything against the Italians, just the opposite.

Big sighs of relief from Italia!

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