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Tuesday, 31 July 2012


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"Naturally, I have written letters to the vicar and the Chairman of the BBC." - as soon as the Memsahib goes away, you can quietly dispose of them, surely.

I might add that after the last heart-warming piece you have shown your cloven foot again, you old reprobate. Disappointing.

Just for purposes of consumer research, you understand - can one order these "do-flicker-thingies" on line, and how long would it take to get one?

Not telling you, so there, yah boo sucks!

You should read this, Duffers.

So, who won?

DM, the man's a pontificating pillock! The biggest liars in car showrooms are the punters who come in with their "one owner, low mileage, only driven by my grannie, as good as the day it was bought", piece of rusting shrapnel which they tell you is worth a fortune!

Who won? Eh? What? You mean it was a game? Cor, whodathunkit?!

Only once have we bought a new car. Sight unseen they'd offered ma a £25 trade-in on the old one. (This was in 1974.)

When I drove it in for them the salesman looked at it in horror and asked my beloved "Is there anything to be said for this vehicle, madam?"

"Well" she said "he's recently changed the plugs."

Oi, Duffers - we were chatting about US govt insanities, weren't we?

Oh God, DM, that story just leaves you shaking your head in disbelief. And Obama tells small businessmen that they didn't build their companies, the government did. What an unutterable prick!

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