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Tuesday, 24 July 2012


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Yeah, we're gong "down the Fen" this arvo. The sea is just too ruddy far.

Ah, a complication has arisen. So perhaps not after all.

Dear Mr. David Duff,

I work for Bloggingbooks publishing house (, which is the new publishing brand of SVH publishing house.

We are looking forward to extend our publishing programme, and we are therefore searching intensively for interesting and well presented blogs that may be suitable for publishing.

Would you be interested too in publishing your blog posts? I look forward to a positive reply from you.

Should you have any questions, I would be pleased to answer your queries by e-mail. You may also get more information about Bloggingbooks concept, by visiting our website.

contact email: m [dot] gorbulea [at] bloggingbooks [dot] de

Who could resist publishing this comment thread, eh?

Nothing serious, I trust, DM?

Dear Mr. Bloggingbooks,
Thank you for your kind letter but with the sort of drivel I produce I can barely get anyone to read it for free, let alone asking them to pay for a book version - and that is quite apart from the fact, given my level of readership, that many of them move their lips as they read! Need I say more?
Kind Regards,
David Duff

It evaporated, Duffers, and we sallied forth anyway. By golly it was hot. Ooh I miss the sea breezes of my boyhood.

Ah yes, those sea breezes - I understand they gave you your beautiful complexion, DM!

Blogging books.
Poor desperate bastards!

No, no, Andra, it's simply that the excellence of my witty and intelligent prose would obviously command an enormous audience!

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