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Tuesday, 03 July 2012


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And now, apparently, the Bank of England is implicated. I would have thought that Ed is keen on a judicial enquiry either because he was so naive and junior that Balls and Gordon did all the fixing without telling him; or because he doesn't know what one is.

As you say, it could all turn very nasty tomorrow, especially as Diamond is making it plain that he didn't go willingly.

Yes, I can hardly wait for tomorrow - I have told the 'Memsahib' that I am not to be disturbed for anything less than a lottery win - and I don't mean the wretched tenners she (very) occasionally brings home!

"Do they not realise that under oath before a judge there will be very little wriggle room?"

Well yes Lord Copper, up to a point.

I believe all witnesses called before My Lord Leveson were under oath. However that did not prevent some enormous porkies being told, with apparently no comeback.

And the point of "judicial enquiries" is ?

Kind regards

"And the point of "judicial enquiries" is ?"

Fees, dear boy, fees! And that's why they last so long.

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