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Sunday, 29 July 2012


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Trying hard to be fair to Romney, the muppet was put in a difficult position as far as the Olympics were concerned. Ten years ago he ran the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City and got a lot of credit for doing this in a businesslike manner. He had to say something critical about the London effort, or he would have looked completely stupid if anything at all had gone wrong. If he had made some nice bland comment and the Queen had been hit by a lump of flying debris or one of the Mary Poppins actors had been an Islamic terrorist, you can imagine the ridicule back in the States. He was reminding the folk back home that Olympics are what he does. I doubt if he gives a stuff about our sensibilities.

My God, you really are trying hard, 'W', but, alas, to no avail. The very first skill of every modern politician is to master teh art of speaking but saying nothing. Way to go, Mitt, baby!

"What is it with American politicians" indeed. I told you not so long ago (in fact just down where that stand-up Nigerian is... or was...or... nevermind, you're responsible for that sort of thing) anyway - I handed you the golden opportunity to keep our visiting pols whilst you had them in your jurisdiction.

Incidentally, I'll bet you dollars to donuts - should He win re-election - His first order of business will not be Peace In Our Time even if there was a snowball's chance in hell of it - no, His first few seconds in office will be signing the orders to build the Keystone Pipeline.

Solyndras are for first-termers.

I've just been given a copy of "Contested Will" by Shapiro. Add it to your "to do" list, Duffers.

Now listen, JK, and get your priorities straight! When the euro goes tits up you can send food parcels but do not, under any circs, send us your useless politicians we have an over-supply of them already. Er, have a nice day!

DM, thanks for the tip. Shapiro's earlier book "1599" was simply terrific. On this one, of which I will own a copy before the week is out, I was very struck with this review by the always perceptive Hilary Mantel - even if it is in 'The Graun':

Well then.

Any room in your MoD for a few dozen Flag-ranked officers? Generals and Admirals I mean. FOX (and other media sorts have them running out of stuff to lend their expertise expounding on - last evening CNN treated us to an Admiral explaining the effect the UK's climate was having on our athletes)

which, in itself wasn't too bad - if only he'd done his expounding during anythong [proofreading revealed this error but I'm not fixing it] other than women's beach volleyball.

We have a surfeit of generals and admirals, JK. And I am trying hard not to look at all those tedious 'hearties' because it tires me out. I did order the Memsahib to wake me up if the ladies' beach volley-ball came on but I haven't heard from her so I assume it hasn't - unless, of course, she hasn't told me!

DD, I'm really not sure that you should even be thinking of pornography and such nasty things, at your age.
Remember, you have the church of St. John the Eveready or something next door.
Somebody is always watching you!

Try telling that to the missus!

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