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Friday, 06 July 2012


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I understand completely and so I won't trouble myself to read this book. Sounds quite upsetting.
I think I'll just stick to my man Reacher. Singlehanded he can save the world.
And I still don't believe Tom Cruise is, or will ever be, Reacher. So there's another movie I won't be seeing.
Watch "A Night at the Opera" instead. Or "Arsenic and Old Lace." That'll cheer you up.

Trouble is, Andra, it is a very good story told superbly - and I bought another of his at the same time and God knows what that's going to be like!

I read "Child 44", but the next "Kolyma" kind of went off the rails half way through. Never have read it to the end.

Aye, I am a big Lee Child fan as well. :-)

Well then, FT, can you see titchy Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher?

We can all see him - here:

It looks like an entertaining film, but it sure ain't no Jack Reacher movie...

Oh dear! Despite the low-angle shot to try and make him look taller he still looks like a midget.

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