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Tuesday, 31 July 2012


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Got to thinking David (yeah I know but hear me out) --- you got Mitt over there dashing about Europe. We all recognize the Mittster's expertise on stuff Olympiana. But he's not accepting my calls for some reason - I figure there's a solar flare or something interfering with the satellite thingamajig connecting me to the Eurozone Internet.

Anyways. Might you act as an intermediary of sorts? Just tell whoever's answering Mitt's phone your acting at the behest of JK but in the wider interests of rescuing not only Great Britain's Olympics but since he's wandering around Europe anyway...

You know what to say David. And, bonus of bonus, together me'n you can help burnish Mitt's foreign policy bona fides and maybe change the name on the mailbox of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Sorry, Jk, I draw the line at polishing anything of Mitt's, thanks all the same!

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