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Monday, 30 July 2012


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Oh, it's even better than that, Duffers. When they confine themselves to good rural sites, excluding airports, the trend falls to 0.108 C /decade - i.e. one third of the alarmists' number.

Of course, the big deal isn't especially the number they've come up with, it's the undeniable demonstration that no intelligent, competent and honest attempt has been made to do this job before.

Mention of the NOAA makes me think of this story -- a little off-topic, but it shows you how removed from reality American Government agencies have become:

Here's the gist of it. A Marine Biologist whistled at a whale to get its attention. The NOAA accused her of harassment of a marine mammal. Thus the story begins ...

"NOAA final adjusted (otherwise known as cheating)"

Sadly that's exactly it. They could be hopelessly incompetent, but I'm not sure if that's any better.

I wonder if folk like Anthony Watts will ever receive the recognition they deserve? Stuff the Olympics - he's one of the guys who should be awarded a sackful of gold medals. And climate scientists should be made to mine the gold.

It makes the second-hand car trade seem positively virginal, DM!

Thanks (I think) for that link, Dom, I have made it the subject of my next post.

Absolutely, AK, Watts and McIntyre in particular deserve the greatest possible recognition of their excellent science.

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