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Friday, 24 August 2012


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Oh boy how I like when these sorts of prognosticating post of your's come along David. (Well my hands do hurt from all the rubbing in glee and my head hurts at having to clear a space for storing a "I'll be posting this come the end of November.")

Of course on the link to follow - you hadn't those swots from Colorado to take a cue from.


Thanks for reminding me of the value of my prognostic ability!


The election will be close. I think Rommeny may gain the popular vote.

The electoral collage is tricky. A national poll does not have a large enough sample in any state to be of value for that states result. Poles taken in a state are of varying value.

Of vary doubtful value

From RCP for Illinois. Note the last pole was in March.

But then there is this from a few days ago.
The poll is just Cook County (Chicago) whose massive machine driven majority often sweeps the state. While Obama is leading as expected he is still far behind where he should be. Who knows - Illinois use to be swing state the Republican leadership became a wing of the Democratic party.

I will go out on limb and say the candidate with the most electoral votes will win, but by the constitution that is not certain.
Hank’s Eclectic Meanderings

I go with Hank's analysis.

Now Hank you do know on this one at least - you are not to be expecting a brown-enveloped letter postmarked "Arkansas"?

Thanks for reminding me, JK, and I quote:

"A shrewd, perceptive forecast? Or 'a tale told by an idiot'? Time will tell."

So now we know!

Yes, Hank, I read that story about Cook County. If Romney is giving him a hard time there, of all places, then he's definitely on a roll.

I took a look at some of the government contracts Mr. Ryan's family construction company has performed over the last thirty years David - I can see it's possible the unionized construction workers of Cook County might be giving the Romney ticket a bump.

But that's not the reason I've returned to this post, rather this:

Knowing how overwhelming my linking can be David, I'm splitting my comment in two - but just in case you wish to confirm for yourself how dependent the Ryan empire is on government contracts, not only in the county of Cook, Illinois:

Thanks, JK, and I am glad to see that the Ryan firm is shrewd enough to pick up any and all govermnet contracts - if they didn't their rivals would!

I actually think it's pretty good too David - but just for your 'Elf 'n Safety' don't click on the "Projects" tab on their homepage - don't want you going all gobsnarkered seeing solar and windmill farms on the list.

Don't for a second think Mr. Ryan's a closet tree hugger do ya?

Absolutely not but as the saying goes, if you're prepared to pay for shit, I'll start straining!

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