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Tuesday, 21 August 2012


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My brother and sister-in-law live in Seattle and would like to buy a place in California because they like it - particularly the climate. What they don't like is the failed politics, so they are reluctantly giving it a miss. Too risky.

There's no need to buy in California, is there? There must be tons of property to rent.

As I understand it, from my skim-reading of sundry American rags, the middle-classes are getting out of California as fast as they can so that shortly, all that will be left will be the mega-rich who can afford the eye-watering tax rates, or the mega poor who don't pay.

One retires with a pension from, say, the California Teachers' Pension Fund, and then moves to a different state, thus ensuring that none of the pension is spent in Californ-i-a. It'll end not with a whimper but a bang.

It might appear to you David, 'your skim-reading' would be more or less correct. However don't delude yourself, realize our four years correspondence hasn't just been me being the bad influence you occasionally put forward.

Well. Maybe more than occasional.

AK? Might advise your brother 'n wife, there's more to the State of Arkansas' turning Republican over the past 20 year span than beautiful scenery. 'Course it helps to enjoy moonshine - and pass the jug freely!

Given I've mentioned moonshine and there was the recent commentary concerning the beauty of unadorned single malts (and my own long love goes by the name of Glenfiddich) Arkansas' moonshine is a ne're blended spirit. Alas no malt - nor peat come to think of it.

And, if one must pollute the virgin spirit - there're springs springing forth all round. 'N depending on whether one places roots in the mountainous northern reaches then there are rivers safe to drink from.

(The county in which I reside.)

Do you know what they say in Chicago on voting day? "Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead?". (HT Clayton Cramer)

☺ Dom!

Dom - many thanks, you started my day with a laugh!

JK: Since starting this blogging lark I have learned a great deal, none of it particularly useful but most of it fascinating. Perhaps the biggest 'secret' I stumbled upon, thanks to you, was Arkansas. I never stop telling my friends that if I ever re-visist the States, Arkansas will be my first stop. Drop dead gorgeous,as they say.

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