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Friday, 10 August 2012


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Can I take a pass on this question?

"Well, which one would you choose?"

For what purpose?

Your eyeballs still troubling you, 'Envelope'?

As ever, DM, you go to the very heart, or something, of the problem!

Offerred without comment:

Och Aye Ra NOOOO David the Yank Republicans are scraping the barrel for a new leader. But why worry they have Obama. I mean David he is not upsetting the ruling elite surely. But that Ann Coulter I would give her one inspite of what looks like tuck jobs. But who cares David just keep the women happy and the housework will get done.

"Tuck jobs?" - looks like copious methamphetamine.


Your Darling Ann on eye candy points.


I think the election is locked at least 45% (maybe 48%) each who are likely to vote to vote and have firmly made up their mind. The others drive the political pros crazy, the pro's both sides just can't imagine the thinking of person who does not worry about the election until mid October.

Flip a coin.


Obama is the worst president since Woodrow Wilson.

I think a fair case can be made that Clinton and especially Carter were worse than Wilson. This should not be considered a defense of any them.>Hank’s Eclectic Meanderings

Carter was a disaster, true, but at least Clinton steered a fairly middle-of-the-road course in fiscal and economic policy - to the intense irritation of his own party activists. But truly, Obama is abysmal!

Jimmy, you should really be one of these new-fangled 'Life Counsellors', you have so much to offer!

david. I reckon Obama will have a bit more time to offer than Kennedy. But then again you know what the Yank snipers are like. At least Obama is not a Jew or a Pape that could give him an edge. Oh forgot he was a nigger.

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