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Friday, 03 August 2012


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"...But by now the (Democrat) MSM were in full cry and when Romney, during his trip to Israel, told the absolute truth concerning the differences between Arab and Israeli societies and how, in effect, ..."

Don't know you know it David, but "some portion of Israelis" kinda wonder at stuff. Mostly textual stuff and probably no need for either of the two of us to concern ourselves about.

After all, who believes in an "Angel" named Moron?

First Book of Nephi, chapters 14 through 22. Notice the named "Ishmael" which (in some quarters) causes some consternation:

Course down there in America's South we're in full agreement with Krauthammer. Nothing so crass or so obviously rascist would ever effect us enlightened people. You did notice Kraut also mentioned, 'nothing racsist about it?' da da da etc.

Probably catch hell when I get home.

As ever, Jk, you are a mine of information, er, or should that be minefield? Anyway, thanks.

Anyone interested in Mitt Romney's clumsiness should have a look at the career of his father, the erstwhile governor of Michigan, who in his ill-fated run for the Republican nomination in 1968 managed to hold several contradictory opinions on the burning issue of the day, namely the Vietnam War (on which eventual winner Richard Nixon succeeded, with customary guile, in expressing no views at all). In short, he can't help it, it's hereditary.

Oh dear, the sins of the father and all that! Still, trying desperately to remain optimistic, it is not unusual for sons to spend their lives doing the opposite of their fathers.

Well, I can hope, can't I?

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