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Saturday, 04 August 2012


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Apart from a tiny bit of swimming that my wife demanded I watch with her, I've seen nothing. My daughter is at the rowing today, being soaked.

With sincere respect to your daughter, DM, she deserves it!

Still, she presumably witnessed a British gold. All we've heard so far is (i) drookit daughter (ii) she somehow blagged her way into the grandstand.

(i) "drookit" - I learn something new every day on this blog
(ii) I expect it was G4S security in charge.

I think you're right about the judo - while juniors actually execute the moves, at top level it's more like chess, as each nascent attack is blocked before it gets properly started.

I suppose in its ultimate expression the players would just stand and stare at each other, twitching occasionally; perhaps we ought to be grateful for the amount of action we did get to see, however incomprehensible.

My wife called me into the sitting room to watch the 10,000 metres. "We" won a gold, but I gather that is customary. At least today.

What the hell is drookit?

OK, I've been calling around.
Obviously you've been bewitched and an intervention is called for, or so I am informed.
I am waiting to hear back from the Scientology people as to whom I should contact to have the spell taken off.
Brad Pitt's ex(or soon to be) wife seems to know all about it.
Just settle down, have a cup of tea and close your eyes.
Help is on the way!
Julia Gillard (our charming lady prime minister) has offered to come and read soothing poems to you but I don't think that's the answer. Her voice may just drive you right over the edge, on which you seem to tottering already.
The saxophone player has suggested strong drink, which sounds like a good plan. Give it a try. Can't hurt, anyway.

Thanks, Mac, that sums it up exactly.

I know, DM, us winning gold is almost boring!

'Soaked', Andra, and I think DM, who is given to the ancient Scottish tongue, is trying to tell us that his daughter inadvertantly won gold in the Miss Wet T-shirt competition.

Also, Andra, you are absolutely right about 'that woman's' voice, it could cut hardened steel. By the by, I think the sax-man and I would get along rather well!

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