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Friday, 24 August 2012


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Thanks for the tip!
I had seen the BBC schedule, but I did not know that Stoppard had anything to do with it. Now, direct to the DVD it is.
About AK, I'll wait and see. Keira Kknightley is not exactly my cup of tea.

By the way. Do you know that our minimum temperatures are above your top ones? That's ruining a good idea by excess!

Heh! Typical Spanish, stealing our global warming!

A little off-topic, but Daniel Hannan just tweeted for the single best line from Shakespeare. His answer was:

And scants us with a single famish'd kiss Distasted with the salt of broken tears...

What's yours?

My favourite line and a half from Lear as he speaks gently to Cordelia:
And take upon's the mystery of things / As if we were God's spies

But my favourite *passage* is from the most mysterious play he ever wrote, Troilus & Cressida, in which two old enemies, Ulysses the Greek and Hector the Trojan, converse during a truce beneath the walls of Troy:

ULY:Sir, I foretold you then what would ensue. / My prophecy is but half his journey yet; / For yonder walls, that pertly front your town, / Yon towers whose wanton tops do buss the clouds, / Must kiss their own feet.
HEC: I must not believe you. / There they stand yet, and modestly I think / The fall of every Phrygian stone will cost / A drop of Grecian blood. The end crowns all; / And that old common arbitrator, Time / Will one day end it.

An example of Will's constant fascination with the mystery of Time and the folly of men who think they and their artifacts can outlive it. The last line and a half says it all.

I tried the Stoppard. It's my age, I know, but I hate, hate, hate the way some bloody muzak is used to make it harder for me to make out the dialogue.

Erm David?

Unless I'm mistaken (wanna bet?) I'm thinking you once placed in comments the 'do-flicker-thingy' your Pal Rupe gave you, will not, cannot seem to tune to the BBC!

Shall I ring Rupe 'n tell him you've gizzlebangered his gizmo?

Here's a tip, DM. A set of large, comfortable ear-phones with a long lead. Thus equipped, I can hear everything much more easily. The other advantage is that I can watch and listen to things that drive the 'Memsahib' batty (I'm currently watching reruns of The Wire') because I can turn up the volume to the 'cans' and turn it down or off on the actual TV set. Similarly, I can plug the 'cans' into my music-thingie whilst she watches her favourites. But no Jock stinginess, DM, get the best and most comfortable, padded 'cans' you can, you cannot wear cheap ones for more than 15 minutes. (Also, of course, you could record things and watch later and if you didn't quite catch something you can instantly wind back and replay it - dead easy to do on my mate Rupe's thingie!)

JK, an inability to tune to BBC News comes under the heading of 'human error', or to be exact, a strong aversion to being sent into a state of gibbering, spitting fury!

But won't the muzak get louder too, Duffers?

Oh do stop being logical, DM!

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