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Friday, 03 August 2012


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"What is often over-looked is the effect we are having on them!"

Let's keep over-looking it, shall we? Like you, I think of immigration as a mixed blessing. But the groups and individuals who have tried to play it by our rules and do well by our standards are the ones who have done well. Some West Indian families remind me of upright presbyterians, with their rectitude and modesty. Ugandan Asians are so often like hard-working Victorian capitalists. But I can't be bothered to feel any sympathy for fathers who abuse children because that's the way things are done in some other nation of bigots.

Not that the case Mr. Duff alludes to is necessarily in that category, of course. I would like to make it clear to Messr.s Whyte, Lippe, and Tremblin that my thoughts are entirely in the abstract, and do not refer to any actual current court cases.

What always amuses me is that the incomers are hammered for not integrating. No one ever seems to wonder if we (the English) want to integrate with these people.

Update: the verdict is in. Messr.s Whyte, Lippe, & Tremblin will now allow me to say that the Ahmed family would indeed have benefitted from a little more assimilation and the acceptance of some British standards of decency.

I'm not sure I have an issue with the immigrants per se, but with the Toynbees who have changed society, given preferential treatment to those whose ideologies are in direct conflict with our own and actively undermine and attack every institution, practice and social and cultural practice which represented what being British was, all in the name of 'multiculturalism' (buying votes).

Almost every issue arising from the mass immigration (of course made worse by their immediate access, preferentially, to housing and benefits) has arisen due to the lack of any incentive to integrate. The farce that is policies on Racism, Equality and Diversity, Human Rights, etc. have all been designed to elevate the immigrants over the native population (I won't mention how they are treated in the 'Justice' system, as I start foaming at the mouth).

The thing is, I've grown to believe it's intentional. The result? Well, I can no longer bring myself to challenge, or argue against, foreign friends who describe my country of birth as 'The Country formerly known as Great Britain'.


'W', I have just received the following URGENT e-mail:

Dear Sir,
It has come to our attention that one of your correspondents referred to this distinguished firm of solicitors as "Whyte, Lyppe and Tremblin". We must point out with considerable vigor that the name of our partnership is always expressed with the use of an ampersand. This provides us with the sort of gravitas demanded amongst the higher reaches of the legal fraternity and which go to justify our even higher charges. Please correct your correspondent with immediate effect - or else!
Yours, Whyte, Lippe & Tremblin

Now see what you've done!

Alas, 'W', murder most foul is part of the human condition irrespective of ethnicity.

'Envelope', I always wonder exactly what is meant by the word 'integrate'? Provided they (and us, come to that) abide by the laws of the land then that is all I require.

Able, I feel your pain! Alas, the 'Toynbee Tendency' has been wicked and to me it is all the more surprising that the different immigrant groups have managed, just, to rub along. Again, 'just rubbing along' is all I require because we can wait a while before affection grows. For example, a few more like that black soldier who won the VC will do more for inter-ethnic relations than anything else.

What we need is a greater number of filthy rich immigrants to come and pay their taxes here. A flat rate of 30% (and a high allowance threshold to protect the low-middle earners) would turn Britain into the new Switzerland of Europe (or indeed the world).

Not only would we get their income tax, but their spending and all the tax on that, plus their relocated businesses, their demand for property, and all the tax on those too.

That would balance out the low tax take from the hard-working low income immigrants who are already here, enabling us to reduce the deficit and / or fund services.

But the coalition, oh, you know the rest ...


What puzzles me is why the parents cannot see that their children are bound to pick up western values. If you want to have your children to have arranged marriages, then stay in your own country.

Quite right, SoD, a little more picking and choosing would not have gone amiss back in the day but that infringes the Holy Writ of the Toynbee Tendency!

I think, John, you have to understand, and even sympathise, with the fact that most people are not that bright. However, on the whole I admire immigrants in that they show enormous courage in foresaking their own society and risking everything in someone else's. It indicates considerable drive and iniative, viertues in short supply these days.

It may be helpful if some of the longer term immigrants (those who have been here for several centuries) actually paid the relevant rate tax that they are supposed to. Step forward Messrs Ashcroft et al

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