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Thursday, 09 August 2012


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What happened to the Watch Committees? A bunch of local councillors (& therefore elected) who kept an eye on the police. Much cheaper than Prescott!

What's this "accepted onto the list" business?

It's supposed to be a publicly-elected position, but "they" - ie the odious political class - get to decide who's allowed to stand?

Remind me again in what way this differs from democracy as practiced in the old Soviet Union? Vote for the communist of your choice...

Injected their poison indeed - nice phrase Mr. D.

Can't improve on Andrew Duffin's comment. Who elected the list-maker?

XX Yes, I like the idea of an elected official running our police services..,XX

Because they wil be SOOO much better, honest, and hard working, and MUCHmore likely to tell the "party whip" to fuck off sideways, than those other "elected officials" in council chambers all over the country, and in particular, those others at Westminster, won't they?

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