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Sunday, 12 August 2012


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Pedant's corner:

Isherwood's novel is called "Goodbye to Berlin". It is the 1950s stage play based on the novel that is called "I am a camera": it takes its title from the first line of the novel.

Oh God, I expect you only just beat DM to that one. So it'll be the usual hundred lines, I suppose!

Overall David, this is one of those times where I too 'quite like your words of wisdom' (no, no check necessary - this time) you do have the distance to see with some clarity.

One, ever so slight quibbling, "...he has a young man with a well-honed political and economic ideology..."

I'd change that "ideology" to either, "savvy" or in the hillbilly, "smarts."

As dear Oscar, such a naughty boy, said, 'It is our common language that divides us', or, it might have been, 'What are you doing tonight, Sweetie?'

On second thought - do you have my current address on file?

No, don't change the brown envelope, same credit union.

Oscar wrote the very best children's stories, along with the funniest ghost story ever.
Some of his other stuff wasn't bad either.

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