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Saturday, 11 August 2012


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Definitely injects some flash, some razzle-dazzle, and hopefully, some possibility of action emanating from stodgy-dodgy-Romney.

But the juxtapositioning's kinda crazy when one thinks about it.

For the past 11 months we've been hearing, ad nauseum, 'bout the merits of Mitt's coming up in "the business world" as opposed to "career politicians" (see the D&N linked to in yesterdays post).

Here in my region of the US it's been an incessant drumbeat of, "Throw every incumbent, every career politician out on their, er, duff!

(Of course there's been our "host" opining what we Yanks were really looking for was, - cough cough - "authenticity!")

And yet. And yet. Here we get a guy who straight out of University gets a job in a Washington DC "Think-Tank" during the first Bush Administration. Then, at the ripe age of 28, takes a seat in the lauded House of Representatives.

Really and truly - Washington DC is America's only safe place for a career-minded person in a real growth industry!


How's your memory? Can you remember back to September 29th, 2008? Take care now - this is a test and you will be graded.

Who said, "Madam Speaker, this bill offends my principles. But I'm gonna vote for this bill -- in order to preserve my principles."

To be fair, I know you'll need a study guide (who in the UK can fully grasp the US Congress' requisite contortioning skills?)

" Here we get a guy who straight out of University gets a job in a Washington DC "Think-Tank" during the first Bush Administration. Then, at the ripe age of 28, takes a seat in the lauded House of Representatives."

You see, an "authentic" politician!

I watched 'The Kraut', Bill Crystal, et al, on Fox this afternoon. They all seemed very positive - but only if Romney and his campaign used soem of Ryan's 'rocket fuel' and became more positive themselves. If they fall back into the defensive mode they have adopted over the last fortnight they will lose and deserve to lose.

Well. Hopefully Ryan's "Rocket Fuel" performs better'n North Korea's rocket fuel.

There's a built-in problem with a feller who, near as I can tell, grew up so he never even had the impetus to gain the "business experience" of running a lemonade stand indeed, bicycling a paper-route.

Then there is that career politician - unscientific polling amongst 6 of my area's "Tea Party Patriots" indicates some less than enthusiastic reception of the news. I'm hearing mutterings of "Third Party" and ... Well. Anyway, south of the Mason-Dixon Line, Obama hasn't a snowball's chance in Hell.

Guess we'll see.

Things a bit quiet in Arkansas today, JK? You have been a busy chap!

Anyway, I think as a team they work well in that Romney definitely has plenty of business experience and if Ryan lacks it he makes up for it in a very clear understanding of economic and political philosophy. He should chew Biden up and spit him out in bubbles!

Thought to add (and no, you'll not be seeing Ol' JK posting comments like these on blogs or news-sites here in the US)

Anyway. Thought to add, so long as nobody takes more than a cursory look at Ryan's voting record - there is a chance. But were I the wagering type, I might be bettered by joining Gamblers Anonymous.

"...They all seemed very positive - but only if Romney and his campaign used 'some' of Ryan's 'rocket fuel' and became more positive themselves. ..."

Yes well, all well and good but maybe we should pin our hopes to 2016!

Exactly what Obama did when he introduced Biden! Anyway, I listened to both Romney and Ryan speaking in Virginia, I think it was, and they were spot on, concentrated on Obama's record and their plans. My hopes rose somewhat!

Academia is afraid of Ryan. - because he once said this:

"While financial aid is intended to make college more affordable, there is growing evidence that it has had the opposite effect: College costs have risen at twice the rate of inflation for about 30 years and economists have pointed out that these rapid increases would have been constrained if the federal government had not stepped in so often to subsidize rising tuitions.”

Ain't he great?

"Academia is afraid of Ryan. - because he once said this:'

Yeah I know Dom. That's why I'm hoping nobody takes more than a cursory look at Ryan's voting record.

There's abit of a clue in the video linked above, and implicit, right out of college at age 22... I do have a link showing Ryan's actual Voting Record where subsidized tuitions are concerned... even a YouTubed sort of thing.

I'll place the link if Dom, you consider it would be helpful. My worry is providing aid and comfort to the enemy puts me in a bad position.

Has to do with "Banking's Gravy Train."

Damned Internet!

Ryan is the best choice! No one is perfect. yes, he does have a past voting history that is not perfect. but, times they are a changin.i understand the critics (JK, bro). but, it seems like a breath of fresh air today!!! we tea party types are excited about Paul Ryan.

Obviously, Dom, the man has a keen eye with which to see past the smoke and mirrors.

And, JK, one of these days I'm going to print all your errors of omission and commission commited during your youth, and no, I don't actually know them but I can take a pretty good guess! I shudder when I think back to the nonsense I came out with in the past, er, like last week!

Cindy, welcome to D&N, I need your help to keep JK in line!

Surely this guy Ryan Paul is a "beltway bandit"? As Ayn Rand would put it - he is a leading looter. Good luck America!

Maybe, 'Envelope', but, dammit, he's our sort of "beltway bandit"! There is much to admire in Ayn Rand and her philosophy but she suffered with galloping idealism (amongst other things but she was Russian you know - taps side of nose!) Put her in government and she would explode after a fortnight. What we (and the Yanks) need are politicians able to understand her philosophy but with the ability to make the best of it work in practice. The results, like those of 'that woman', will not be perfect, nothing in life ever is, but it will still have huge benefits not the least of which will be the setback inflicted on the other side.

JK - Thanks for the link, but have you looked at the Ryan's "mostly false" statements?

1. "Says a national Coca-Cola study showed Texans love Texas more than residents of any other state love their state" Sounds to me like they had to search around to find something false. Why did they even bother correcting this?

2. The health care law "is accelerating our country toward bankruptcy." In response, Politifact wrote "May depend on Congress' stomach for proposed Medicare cuts." They won't cut Medicare. So how is that mostly false, and not mostly true?

And so on.

Now look at the true statements:

1. Says if labor force participation rate were the same as when Barack Obama became president, unemployment would be 11 percent.

2. "The debt will soon eclipse our entire economy."

This guy knows what he is talking about, and when he gets serious, he is always right. I'll vote for his ticket.

Actually Dom, I'm middling familiar with Mr. Ryan's stuff - whole cloth. (See that "Cindy" above? When she calls JK "bro" you don't know the half of it. Now see here David! You leave Cindy in the dark - like all good Texans should orter remain!) And what, are you insinuating I purposefully "omit" stuff?!!!

Now where was I?

As to Ryan's "mostly false" - well Cindy's an oil related industries executive based in Texas. You might ask her about #1 but I'm of the opinion that's mostly true.

The 'Realist' side of me (yes, I do have that, but sometimes it's not obvious on these overseas blogs) anyway, realistically, all entitlements must be cut. The problem is much like Afganistan - comes as close to political suicide as anything viewed realistically.

The R's, and now R&R's problem is that cuts are gonna have to be made pretty much across the board. (See today's post.) The Ds much less The O can't see the light. R&R have the savvy, the smarts, to batch-up a bitter yet digestible pill.

Dom? Just abit of my history - keep it to overseas blogs - my Dad was first [in the political realm mind] a Reagan appointee then on his Committee To Re-Elect The President. I've never personally voted for a Dem (for the Executive) but I did once vote for Perot.

I come to D&N mostly for pleasure - but sometimes to hone arguments.

And, as I've intimated above - south of the line, O's not got a snowball's chance regardless.

Re: my mention of Afghanistan above equating to "political suicide."

Some weeks ago Dom, you may've noticed I mentioned "Solyndras are for first-termers" - fully explicated, an Executive has, near the end of a second term, the luxury of leeway.

A large number of America's electorate blame The O for "losing Iraq" when in fact, in the waning days of October 2008 Bush Jr. and Iraqi Prez Maliki inked a "Status of Forces Agreement."

You likely know the US has SOFAs around the world. One feature not usually appreciated by Americans is that US troops in foreign countries fall under the judicial arm of the host country. I can get you a link if you need it but you can Google Military dot com to check whether there's any US troops serving time in, say South Korean prisons.

The current administration did try to amend the US-Iraq SOFA but couldn't reach (US) acceptable agreement so to keep US Forces from the legal system under shariah.

Think about that... The war-goal as stated for Iraq was to put in place a "democratically elected government" - done.

Now. Think about "political suicide" had the current administration left US Forces in Iraq under the fraternal watch of sharia.

oh my! what have i gotten myself into here? I am going to give it a 'go'!
Dom...Texas is a 'Right To Work' state. basically, everyone has the right to work & also, you can be let go (fired) for any reason. the unions do not have a stronghold here!
with that in mind, look at the job growth in Texas. it is better here that most anywhere else in the world.
in summary, if you want a job, you can find a job in Texas. this state has fought the US government on so many levels, including unemployment compensation & EPA regulations! Businesses are moving here from other states (California) because it is 'business friendly'.
I am not from Texas originally, but as the saying goes 'I got here as fast as I could'!
I think Texas is a great model for the rest of the country & the world.

'YEEEEE-HAA', Cindy, or whatever it is you say 'over there' to indicate enthusiastic agreement. From what I read, Texas is the new California, that is the California of 30-odd years ago.

Welcome Sister Cindy completely now, to D&N!

Ordinarily I'd give you the "nudge,nudge" you'd be close in to losing that which... but thing's being simple would turn to the complicated.

"Old Bill" I'm sure but only David'd make the sense of it. A'course there'd be me but then you'd have to make sense of the two of us!

The 'That Woman!' Cindy is not, as you might imagine "you" rather Maggie Thatcher. (David's into what you and I know as "bind and thrash" as opposed to "borrow and trash!") Swot's makes this peculiar Brit the more peculiar.

[Ask Cindy, have David model - but put your chastity belt on - either his longjohns or his sarong!]

I know for instance why you've come back to this particular post to place a comment. Something to do with Brazil maybe?!!

Your *bro* Cindy,

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