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Sunday, 19 August 2012


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Thank you for this, DD. It is brave, amusing and strangely uplifting. Isn't it amazing that the people who make a living or raise their social status by bullshitting about art keep quiet about this?

When, like the doyens of the Arts Council and their like, you find yourself afloat on a sea of money, and privilege, and influence, who would wish or dare to rock the boat?

"I am only a public entertainer who has understood his times and exploited them as best he could the imbecility, the vanity, the cupidity of his contemporaries."

I didn't realise he'd ever admitted it. Yet still it goes on.

The man on the Clapham omnibus was right about Picasso and company, right about Freud and right about Marx. Those judgements stand to his credit.

On the other hand, he probably doesn't enjoy Shakespeare or decent music, so it won't do to romanticise his discernment.

Why spoil a good racket, AK?

DM, I find it hard to believe you could romanticise anyone, er, except Mrs. DM, of course!

Naive I may be but you have to wonder why one painting is worth fifty million dollars and the painting beside it, which looks just as good to me, is worth $ 60.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder or something like that.
I recently paid $ 10 for a lovely watercolour with "gold" frame and I love it to bits.
Picasso, basically, was a bad tempered old bastard, even when he was a young bastard.
He certainly knew how to fool the masses and the rich folk though, so bully for him.
And then there's Dali......
He once made a harp strung with barbed wire for Harpo Marx. Harpo was totally bewildered by it.
Me too!

Sometimes I think beauty is in the wallet of the beholder!

BTW the music critic of the yesterday morning gave the prom featuring John Cage's works a five star rating.

Sorry 'Bongers', the link wouldn't open but I assume that was one of Cage's, er, silent compositions!


Try this [the "http://" has been lopped off] It works for me!

I don't know if 4' 33" was part of the evening's entertainment. Had it not been, and had I been there, I'd have asked for a refund. It's like a recital of Winterreise without Der Lindenbaum.

Alas, 'Bongers', this time your link worked and I wish it hadn't! What a load of gushing twaddle. When I reached "And there were cactuses - whole flotillas of them, along with seed pods, leaves, pine cones, strips of bark..." I gave up. Is there no end to human folly?

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