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Monday, 06 August 2012


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I hadn't heard that Keegan had gone. I really enjoyed "The Face of Battle", which I read a couple of years ago after seeing it praised to the skies on a blog somewhere - might even have been this one!

I like the bit about academics and education. I gave my copy of "The Face of Battle" to my son, who is reading History at Cambridge. The ignorant puppy didn't rate it all that highly, but I think he did it deliberately so as to put me in my place as a mere amateur reader of popular history.

DD, the latest comment above seems to be from an old friend of yours! Let's hope that he continues to support you through your, erm, imfirmities. He helps you to get things straight, doesn't he? I know that Mrs. Duff appreciates his efforts.

Tell you son that he will never truly understand military history and warfare unless he understands how it operates on the ground. And without that he will simply become another university-educated theorist! Five years with a good regiment should get him sorted!

Suddenly I am inundated with spam despite that indecipherable CAPTCHA crap which always takes me three goes to get right. Also, rather oddly, the viagra ones just received are not appearing in my 'Inbox'!

I'm not sure David, your spam problem, but during my "vacation" I found myself in an email conversation with a Nigerian Prince. Seemed I'd been selected by the Nigerian Royal Family for a stipend when what I really wanted was diplomatic immunity.

(I'd figured the immunity would be handy when I came under "comment fire" on the foreign blogs I visit.)

Anyway, the Prince asked which of the blogs I spent the most time on. Apologies in advance should it come to your attention the spam you're receiving turns out to come from Africa.

Thanks, JK, but that is one link I definitely do not want!

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