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Thursday, 02 August 2012


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Apparently his confidence outstripped his knowledge by a considerable margin. According to Peter Hitchens, he thought Britain's intelligence service was called "M Sixteen", and had very little evidence for his elaborate conspiracy theories. Like you, I knew very little about him and read nothing substantial of his, but his pronouncements always made me think that he was a rather nasty piece of work.

Yes, 'W', I hesitated to deploy the word 'nasty' but that is exactly the description that fits my conception of the man. I have entertained my doubts concerning the intelligence, or lack of it, on the part of the American electorate but they had the profound wisdom not to elect Vidal on the two occasions he offered himself.

He was a good author, though. His historical novels are well worth reading.

Hmmmn, well, if you say so, 'OR', but alas he will have to take his place at the very bottom of my tottering pile of 'waiting-to-be-read' books!

I always hear that "Lincoln" is a good novel, but I never understood Historical Novels. Either they are accurate, in which case I'd rather read a History book, or they are not, in which case, why bother? I never liked that he called himself, America's Great Chronicler. If you have to say that about yourself, it probably isn't true.

And Myra Breckenridge is childish pornography.

"America's Great Chronicler". My God, the man obviously died of galloping pomposity!

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