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Monday, 06 August 2012


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Better than any levels of prosperity, democracy, or even freedom: the rule of law.

"on the rare occasions when wrongs are (sort of) righted, they gain the credit."

No doubt that's when the person committing the wrong has fallen out of favour. So The State Bureau for Letters and Calls is also a handy device for punishing those who do fall out of favour, which is probably its real purpose.

They don't go in for deviousness in a half-hearted way do they?

Depends, I think, 'W', on whose law!

Indeed, AK, which is going to make the next 50 years 'very interesting' - and you know what they said about that!

Took notice of AK's comment earlier (K? Reckon we're related?) Anyway's when I came upon this, knowing David you're interested in China stuff:

H/T hbd chick (seen her on Waka a few times David. Smart.

Thanks, JK, the Slate piece looks interesting but, alas, 'hbdchick' writes in lazy lower case which irritates the hell out of me so I refuse to read it. (Yeah, yeah, I know, grumpy old bugger!)

Ha! I can attest to David's irritation of the lazy lower case writers. David, simply admonish her as you did me and I am sure hbdchick will see the error of her lazy ways. ;D

"Admonish"? No, no, dear Miss Red, I could never admonish you, a mild hint, perhaps, which reminds me, I must dash over and look at your lovelies again! (Follow me, chaps!)

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