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Sunday, 26 August 2012


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Mickey Mann: he'll fold, I'll bet.

No takers, I'm afraid, DM.

What's the betting at Deltoid?

Don't know 'bout Deltoid AK - I'm betting David's Jag's £ will suffer over his (secretive flight outta Heathrow - until now!) ,er, insertion of "British influence" on behalf of his... ,er, well I don't know perzactly.

David? Why and how's come the name 'David Duff' is at the top of the "Top Performers" list at this Tampa Florida RNC event?

AK, I gave them a poke with a sharp stick through the bars of their cage yesterday which had them all shrieking and gibbering but, honestly, they are so childlike there's not much fun in it anymore.

JK, you have been looking at the world 'through a glass darkly' again! I cannot see my name anywhere on that link which is hardly surprising given that I am top of the bill in my stage name of Honey Lips!

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