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Saturday, 25 August 2012


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Uhm David? Noticed in the piece you guys have a "Press Complaints Commission"?

What the hell is that? Is it a government run kinda thing?

(Apparently your good Harry wasn't aware of Las Vegas' advertising claims that "What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas."

On the other hand, perhaps he did and cleverly did some advertising for his own prospects.)

No, JK, it's a typical British compromise/stitch-up (you choose). A committee run by the Newspapers for the Newspapers, ooops, sorry, I mean the public, who feel that their privacy has been violated or that the papers have lied about them - who'da thunkit? It's current format is likely to be severely altered when Lord Levinson reports.

The scandal with Mrs Simpson was that she had been divorced twice.

You left out Andrew's hijinks (pre Fergie). Always gave me a giggle.

The scandal with Mrs Simpson is that she was a bloke! Just look at her.....

You're right, DM, I had forgotten that, not that I'm much of an expert on the whole grisly business.

You, too, are right, Miss Red, but he was more or less out shone by Princess Di and her dimwit husband.

Indeed, 'Envelope', and there are scurrilous whispers that it was her very, er, 'boyishness' which attracted HRH.

Just imagine. Edward married Wallis and was then coronated. Then it was announced that "Queen" Wallis was going in for surgery to "regularise" her gender. The resultant uproar might have postponed WW2.

Oh dear, 'Envelope', too much info too early in the morning!

George V on his eldest son:
"I pray to God that my eldest son will never marry and have children and that nothing will come between Bertie and Lilibet to the throne".

George V to his eldest son:
“Sir, you dress like a cad, you talk like a cad, and you behave like a cad. By God, Sir, you are a cad."

George V also saved the country by bequeathing all his money to his brothers, thus ensuring that Edward VIII would be dependent on the Civil List and there was nothing for Mrs. Simpson to squander.

Webbers, you're an education and not only that you have raised my estimation of George V who was obviously shrewder than he appeared.

david. I have this special coin struck 1951, George VI. Maybe webrights knows why it was struck. It was good for Britain that events ended with our present Queen in place. And long may it last.

David. You are being a bit hard on Charles just remember the Tower is still open for business.
Did you hear this joke? When Doddie was lying on the slab in Paris an assitant exclaimed that his bals were blue. His colleague said it was ok they were dipped in dye.

Jimmy, I have no idea why the coin was struck but I am happy to agree with you that the Queen has been an absolute rock of stability in a sometimes tottering nation trying to cope with an accelerated rate of change. Sorry, it must be your accent or something but I didn't get the joke. Who is 'Doddie' and why were his balls dipped in dye? Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm an ignorant old sassenach but it's all, er, Scottish to me!

Och Aye David ignorant auld Sassenach indeed. I think not.

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