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Tuesday, 14 August 2012


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I would love to see the initial letter or email or whatever in which Mr. Haniyeh raises the topic.

I take your point about the cunning involved on the part of the Israelis, plus the fact that a refusal would have played very badly in the international media. But I also like to think there is an element of fair play and kindness in there somewhere.

Another reason why the Israelis take in Pals and others from the neighbours for treatment because it is a basic tenet of Judaism that any life should be saved. The fact that Hamas have been embarrassed is a bonus though.

BTW last time I was over there, I felt safer on the buses than I ever did in the less salubrious areas of North London.

Oh dear, has my attempt at irony failed? I didn't mean seriously to suggest that it was "cunning" on the part of the Israelis but only to suggest that that was how Hamas would categorise it. According to the article, there has always been an open door for Gaza Palestinians to be treated at Israeli hospitals but unfortunately the hard-line taked by Hamas means that applications have been discouraged - except for the leadership, of course!

Yissy, welcome to D&N, and you are a sound judge - I wouldn't catch a bus anywhere in London. And not just because I never have the slightest idea where they are going!

It is, I think, one of the grossest crimes of recent times, the way in which sundry Arab dictatorships have done everything possible to drag out the Palestinian problem in order to perpetuate their rule. A reasonable deal could have been cut with the Israelis decades ago but that would have left the Arab populations wondering about their conditions! Recent events, I think, are an indication that they are already doing just that.

This single act of kindness is all over the BBC, on every news bulletin, and talk show, and on the lips of every BBC commedian.
Non-stop, continuously, all the time!
Did you notice?

Funny that, Juniper, I must have missed it!

And deep in his body a wee bug will broadcast his whereabouts and, for all I know, his every conversation.

Possibly, DM, but, hang on, what's that droning noise . . . ?

Thanks for the welcome. Two reasons why the buses are so calm in Israel are a) there are often off duty conscripts using the in my view excellent bus service to get around and b) the bus driver is probably armed.

It cheeses me off to see the idiot left nodding and parroting the bullshit that 'it's all Israel's fault.' The Arabs could have had their own state in 1948 but they refused a very generous partition agreement. They didn't want a state, they just wanted to kill Jews, just like in 1929.

One day I hope I'll go back, fabulous place with one of the most dynamic and inventive populations in the world. The success of Israel stands in stark contrast to the ossified, oppressive, charnel houses of the Arab nations that surround Israel.

The real culprits for treating the so called Palestinians like drek is the other Arab nations who kept them in refugee camps for decades to be used as a scab to be picked at when they wanted to enrage their benighted populations against Israel.

I should make clear, Yissy, that my views on the whole history of Palestine/Israel is more than somewhat detached. I have an instinctive liking and admiration for Jews especially those who went into the desert wasteland and created a modern country. However, I do not forget the way some of them set about doing it, either - I am old enough, just, to remember the Irgun! Nobody goes into a war and comes out of it with entirely clean hands. Even so, it seems obvious to me that it is in our (ie, British) interest to have a friendly and democratic state on the eastern seaboard of the Med particularly in view of the sundry crooks, villains and murderers who run most of the rest of the middle east. I could be wrong (why break the habit of a lifetime?) but I sense a weariness in the 'Arab street' for the whole Palestine issue. I think many of them have seen through the posturings of their leaders, and anyway, what they really want as a priority is not a Palestinian state but jobs and a future for themselves in their own countries.

For 13 centuries the Arabs have destroyed things. It's what they do, they know nothing else. If I was an Israeli I would be looking on the bright side. Starting in Tunisia and currently in Syria, the Arabs are destroying their countries. I made 3 visits to Israel. The first was on holiday and to a non-practising Christian it was an eye-opener. The whole country is full of Christian things you heard about as a child.

The second two visits were as a guest of the Israeli Military Intelligence. This showed me how western they were in their thinking. They would have fitted into NATO with no trouble at all. Good hosts as well.

So - look on the bright side. The Arabs, the heart of Islam, are destroying themselves.

Your condemnation of the Arabs is a tad sweeping, 'Envelope'. There was a time when Arab culture was high in both the arts and sciences and when they ruled lands filled with minority groups with great tolerance. I suspect that a lot of their current 'grumpiness' (if that's quite the word) arises from the Jews seizing Arab land (as they see it) and the pernicious influence of western culture infiltrating via modern communications their ancient way of life. Their ways may not be our ways but as a man who has seen his own country change beyond description in a lifetime, I have some sympathy.

"There was a time when Arab culture was high in both the arts and sciences": aye, when they were tolerant enough to learn lots from the Greeks and Persians. Once Islam had become set in concrete, progress ceased.

I'm no expert but I suspect, sadly, that you are right, DM.

The problem for the Jews is they will not accept Allah or that the baby Jesus is their Lord and Saviour. So they are fair game for all the nutters.

A succinct summary, Jimmy, what a pity some of the long-winded professorial types cannot emulate you!

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