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Wednesday, 08 August 2012


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I think this is just one more leg of the Birther "controversy", and it won't go anywhere. I think the records are sealed because they are, in fact, private, and possibly they will show that Obama was not a good student. But nothing more than that.

If you want a scandel, here is one that has me all knotted up right now. As part of the General Motors bailout in 2009, the non-union employees lost most of their pensions, while the unionized workers got improvements. This had nothing to do with the terms of the bailout, which was only meant to save GM. Thus the white house effectively stole money from workers and called it a bailout.

It's illegal for the government to act this way.

But, but, but Dom?!!!

That one was bipartisan:

Well, I don't want to rain on your parade Mr Duff (Oh yes I do). I read today that the way things were organised at Columbia when Obama was there, it was quite possible for him not to know anyone or for anyone to know him. Especially if he wasn't the sort of person you would want to know.

On the other hand, he is the President. He can't be President and private; he should publish his scholastic record as other presidents have. It is probable that the problem is that he claimed to be born overseas in order to finance his education.

Why on earth are American academic records private? Ours were published on notice boards and in the papers.

Please don't rain on my parade, 'Envelope', I hated it when my carefully applied blanco dribbled down my uniform and my platoon sergeant would put me on a charge for being 'idle on parade', or some such!

However, and Dom please take note, you have it dead right concerning Obama's locked-up college record. If Mr. Root is right, Obama claimed foreign student status to qualify for special finance and that would cast even further doubts on his nationality - or his probity. Not that we have much doubt about that - he's a politician after all!

There's a potentially interesting corollary to the foreign exchange student angle: What, exactly, does it take to be one?

Indonesian citizenship would be one strong possibility. If Obama adopted or claimed Indonesian citizenship at any point after turning 18, that's defacto renunciation of his US citizenship and legally binding on him because he was an adult.

I'm a good deal younger than Obama, but I do well remember my situation as an American born in the USA of UK parents. I was eligible for dual citizenship, but only up until I turned 18. At that point, I had to choose. I'm only guessing that similar rules would have applied to Obama. However, if they did, and he expediently chose Indonesian (or even Kenyan) citizenship to get a free ride for college, then even Hawaiian-born, he';s not legally eligible to hold the office he occupies due to having renounced his citizenship.

You are all looking for a back door here. This is conspiracy territory, and all conspiracy talk gets the same answer -- too many people know the truth to keep it quiet. There are many good reasons to vote against him, first and foremost he doesn't know what he is doing. Go with that.

OK Dom, lots of people know the truth of the matter, but they are ALL keeping quiet. That's interesting in itself. The question raised by your last sentence is "what if he does know what he is doing?" I suppose I should say "HE".

Hello, ACJ, good to hear from you again. You raise some interesting points. And, Dom, I don't think "conspiracy" is quite the right word, more a case of an older man trying to cover up for his younger man's mistakes which probably didn't seem important back then. And the question remains, why doesn't he release his college records?

@ David Duff; Good to be here, and thank you for this blog.

@Dom; No large-scale conspiracy need exist. Depending on what Obama is hiding, those "in the know" could range from a handful, to just Obama himself.

Obama won't release his medical records either, and this is something that every presidential candidate in modern times has done. Obama famously hammered on McCain in 2008 for McCain's slowness to release records, and then refused to release his own.

I dunno ACJ, asking for the guy's medical records might give us all something we'd rather not see. Sister Wolf for instance got linked to from these esteemed D&N pages a few months back - don't know his is as beautiful as her's. Smellier I'd wager.

And besides - who're we ever gonna get to examine his prostate?

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