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Friday, 31 August 2012


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"By and large, I steer well clear of Middle-East politics because I know even less about it than the other stuff I drone on about."

Oh dear. David? You're British ain't ye? The answer to all this stuff is clear.


Ah, but there, I think, you are mistaken, JK. Israel obviously has a part to play in the ramifications but there are greater movements occurring within the Muslim world in which Israel is just a bit player. In my (very dim) view the struggle between Sunni Saudi and Shiite Iran is the one to watch.

Personally, I think things are going quite well. Libya and Iraq in ruins, Syria reducing itself to rubble and the Egyptians busy duffing each other up. Is duffing OK?

Oh yes, "duffing" is delightful, er, but not with smelly Arabs!

It's an interesting situation, Cameron has castrated our armed forces, Hague for some reason is itching to get us into the war by any means possible, probably backed by the arms industry, and the government badly wants a second war to divert the attention of the masses, no expense spared.I wonder if William Hill is running a book? An each way bet on a second war may be profitable, the British political class love wars.

I'm not sure I can go along with that one, Juniper, because I have great difficulty in seeing 'Dim Dave' as some sort of Machiavel - that takes considerable intelligence! Happily, we have no aircraft carriers as well as very few soldiers so I think we will be confined to cheering from the sidelines. Ah, but which side will we be cheering? I wonder of the 'Ministry for Foreigners knows!

Well David, my initial comment had more to do with "the usual suspects' modus operandi" than anything else. Very apparently you didn't get the drift of my subtle Arkansas hillbilly wit.

" In my (very dim) view the struggle between Sunni Saudi and Shiite Iran is the one to watch."

I realize the storm of protests you're about to unleash on me for pasting this link but two things to consider. 1. "Sold in two paragraphs" [but in this case six] and, 2. What yesterday was Hurricane Isaac in Lousiana USA, is now blindingly flashing lightning with torrents of rain (a few tornadoes) across the entirety of Arkansas USA. Your "storm of protests" will be the least of my worries:

(It's not the "Sunni Saudi" we should be concerned with.)

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