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Friday, 10 August 2012


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Back in the day I had an interest in the ship-launched missiles of the Russian Empire. I seem to remember they had one that flew at about mach 2 and about 30 feet above the sea. A couple of those and your average aircraft carrier would be in trouble.

Yes, I suppose your only hope would be that the Russian mafia had nicked the rocket fuel and flogged off the warhead!

"But tomorrow, I suspect, it is going to be 'electronics' that will be key to success on the battlefield. ..."

Tomorrow David?!!!

Given what's in the above link, consider the awful possibility - there may come a time when a basically Stone-Age force could overcome the most technologically advanced armed force on the planet.

Without a Worm!!!

Wait a second. Anybody got any idea how our nice little Afghanistan adventure is proceeding?

Ah, almost forgot 'Envelope' - yep those pesky Russians and their cruise missiles. Sounds kinda like the French Exocet.

But it really ain't those surface-skimmers carrier task-forces should be focused on. Rather those ASBMs.


These are being produced by DARPMA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s ) The best bet is (even if it is possible) the field sill never see them.

I understand the M-16 was an interim solution while one of Darpma's processors was developing the perfect combat rifle.. This project was killed by congress because it was over due, over budget, and showed no promise.



Great links.

In case you need a laugh.>Hank’s Eclectic Meanderings

Thanks Hank,

2nd link doesn't seem to be working though.

Interesting isn't it? Both the Chinese and the Indian's carriers were formerly sailing under another flag? The Chink's naval aircraft developed from an earlier "somebody else's" design? The Indians looking to possibly some variant of the PAK-FA?

Here's another link for you Hank, hopefully it's a new (and handy one) to you. *There is some question whether these sorts of links aren't under some degree of influence by the PLA itself.

Oops - just discovered the links I have well - you'll need Google Translate for sure. Here's one I sent to David via email:

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