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Friday, 21 September 2012


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"I ask because I have no ideas."?

Heck David. You're unfamiliar with the US' William Pitt or even our Winston?

Bloody hell, JK, where do you find these things? And what are you doing up at 4.00 in the morning?

Personally, I think that in an in/out referendum, the GBP will vote to stay in. When faced with a choice between the plonkers in Westminster/Whitehall and the idiots in Brussels, they will just say WTF! I think that is what the Greeks, Italians, Portugese and Irish think as well. Lets keep our heads down and say as little as possible, secure in the knowledge that if anyone can bring the whole thing down in ruins it is the people currently in charge - here and in Brussels.

It's time we had a war in the British national interest. Let's invade Norway.

Children must not be allowed to play with matches.

Norway would be a bit tricky. How about the Isle of Wight?

A case,'Envelope', of severe Bellocs:
"And always keep a-hold of Nurse; For fear of finding something worse".

Not Norway, DM, eons ago I once did an exercise up there and I'm sure my arse is still somewhere north of Narvik because it froze right off! How about Majorca? Filled with hot and cold running girls, I'm told!

But no oil, Duffers.

I think I could cope!

I wonder! I admit it's hardly a representative sample of GBP but I can't think of anyone I have any contact with from business people, fellow health professionals, support staff, academics, to the (extremely attractive) ladies in the coffee shop (Hey, you don't think I actually NEED to drink 27 cups a day, do you?) who have expressed anything other than the belief that GB should leave EU Pronto! [for the record there's some major variation in the politics, educational ability/qualifications and even nationality/race/religion in that sample].

I suspect .Gov knows this, which is why we'd never be offered the option.

Oh, and since what is needed is a 'Short Victorious War', and considering the current overstretched British forces, the recent cut-backs, equipment issues, etc. may I suggest declaring war on the first form of the International Preparatory School, Labourdonnais, Mauritius (NOT the second years, as they're a bit vicious and getting our a***e kicked is not good propaganda). Gorgeous weather, beautiful beaches and lovely people who, after we surrender, will ply us with Mai Tai's and other sundry delights. [Hmm, have to see weather they'll let me tag along as an advisor!]

Whether, not weather - I Hate autocomplete! Jeez, I'm not a Guardian journalist after all. (Oh OK it may have been exacerbated by the small amount of Etoh I have consumed, but it improves my singing and dancing immeasurably - honest!)

Able, I'm not averse to an invasion of Mauritius because some very good friends holiday there every year for at least a month and their descriptions match yours. However, and sorry to stick a practicality spanner in your wonderful scheme, but would we be able to row all the way to Mauritius bearing in mind, of course, that we have no navy?

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