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Saturday, 22 September 2012


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No, his behaviour was worse that that. Put 'im in the stocks.

Isn't that what we pay him for?

Yeeeees, the stocks, I think they're long overdue for a recall, DM.

I suppose it's a comfort to have one's steriotypes confirmed, 'W'.

David, a friendly suggestion. Learn how to use a hyperlink. How am I supposed to know what you're going on about this time? I can't even find it in google.

I REALLY can't believe I'm going to say(type) this but..

.. Why did this police officer (who we know are never overbearing, officious or just downright obnoxious themselves - sarcasm alert!) stop someone from riding through this vehicular access gate (something he, from the evidence, does on a regular daily basis)?

I can't say I'm a fan of the current police, nor a particular hater, it's just my own recent experiences of being prevented from acting in a reasonable and accepted manner (walking down a street, smoking in a park, etc.) for no legitimate or legal reason have shown that their current default behaviour is to tend towards the officious, rude and power-hungry.

That a Minister has had the experience... Schadenfreude anyone?

Dom, apologies, although it has to be said that a lot of people don't know what I'm going on about even with a link! Also, it is a parochial storm in a teacup of little interest to anyone out side the Westminster 'village':

Able, you make a good point but ministers of the crown are supposed to conduct themselves intelligently - despite their inherent lack of intelligence!

Er Dom?

David won't explain it when there's mental giants involved... you know, like beautifulllll pageant mental giants like:

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