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Monday, 24 September 2012


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One video is all that is needed:

It was with some trepidation, Dom, that I clicked on your link but, hey, thank you, I feel so much better about myself now! I really am - a stallion!

The report also says air pollution has been shown to “negatively impact penis size.”

Very clean air here in Derbyshire.

Clegg says new tax - £2 per inch per month.

Bragging agin, AK!

Really, 'Envelope', then they owe me ... ooops, no, didn't mean that ...

There's a problem with Clegg's new tax. It all depends on what you are thinking about when HMRC come round to measure it.

"Turn round quickly and find the missus giggling?"

If I turn round quickly, the missus has to step back to avoid the tip giving her a nasty slap.

I can tell you with absolute certainty, 'Envelope', that at the sight, sound and smell of an HMRC officer my willy would shrivel to the point where they would have to pay me a rebate!

That's not what she tells me, 'W', she reckons you have to offer her a Finder's Fee!

I had a Sicilian friend who couldn't wear shorts due to his "donger" hanging out the bottom!
He declined underwear as he was one of those "let the babies hang free" types. Fairly common, especially up here in the tropics ... I subscribe to it myself but that's probably more information than you requested.
Joe was a most amusing man and his wife always had an extremely large grin on her face and they had 5 children so apparently all was well there.
Apart from that I'm still trying to ignore Naomi Wolf's vagina and that seems to be all the rage lately. Her fanny is all over the weekend papers (Murdoch, of course).
I've decided to ignore it all and concentrate on the latest Lee Child book ... at least in print Reacher is still 6' 5", which augurs well for his member I would have thought.

Don't know I mentioned it David but you have a clue what my Indian tribe named me when I achieved my Indian equivalent of adulthood at the tender age of 16?

No air pollution in the hills of Arkansas of course.

"JK Three Legs."

JK: I thought you were just known as Tripod.

I heard you were given the name because of the stick you needed to get home after a night in 'them thar hills with the stills', JK!

Andra you are entirely right to steer well clear of Ms. Wolf's vagina. One senses a distinct lack of exclusivity not to say privacy!

"Tripod" when I'm with white folks Andra.

No David. It was only after my squish of 2002 I had to begin using the stick. Nowadays the Indians refer to me as "JK Three Legs With Extra Foot."

The new name's not so bad except it tends to make the younger generation of Indian maidens reluctant to sit on JK's lap!

They are obviously well-bred ladies of impeccable taste and discernment!

They would be, were they to sit on my lap.

Churchill had an innovative idea to add to boxes of 10 inch long condom-like protective rubber sheaths designed to go over the barrels of British rifles when fighting in the arctic: "I want a label for every box, every carton, every packet, saying "British. Size: Medium". That will show the Nazis if they ever recover one of them, who's the master race."

Whoa! Churchill authored fiction too?!!!

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