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Sunday, 21 October 2012


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Absolutely agree about the crime stats. I believe the police themselves refer to the process as "cuffing the stats", which shows how seriously they take it all.

There is one reason why we should believe the general point of a downward trend, though. The most believable stats we have are the birth, marriage, and death rates. And the birth rate declined sharply from about 1990. This means that the group most likely to commit crimes, young men between the ages of 14 and their mid-twenties, have declined as a proportion of the population. This fits the detail of the government stats, which is that the types of crimes which these useless shits excel at - thefts from cars, criminal damage, and buglaries - have seen the steepest decline.

Don't worry, though. The birth rate picked up again after 2000. Soon, the mini baby-boom playing happily in the park will be frequenting it around the hours of darkness, and looking to threaten your property and peace of mind...

Oh, and another thing. Just read the bit about your bottom. I'm surprised you are going along with this. Shouldn't the people whose wages we pay through our taxes take an interest in our poo when we request them to, and not a moment before? Come on, DD, get a grip! (But wash your hands first, please....)

Good point about the birth rate, 'W', and of course car and property theft has probably declined because the security has improved enormously in recent years.

As for my 'poo problem-not', I am normally of the 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' tribe but the 'Memsahib' became somewhat insistent - need I say more?!

I confess that, were I an American, I'd tend to vote simply for the less bad of the two principal candidates: in this case Romney.

I further confess that I'll be astonished if he wins.

Not a bad summary, DM, but trust me, Obama will lose. You may rely on the word of an ex-member of the second-hand car trade!

" I hasten to add that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my bottom, or its contents, but apparently my age has triggered this enquiry."

Do exercise some degree of caution David. Wouldn't want your NHS ...

And I wouldn't be so sure I'd advise placing any actual money on the Presidential Lottery either - my guess is, it'll be decided in the Electoral College. However... this year is very unusual - there's the ever so slight chance it could be decided in the House of Representatives (if so, Romney wins) but that'd be the nightmare scenario.

"The Head of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is a pillock! "

This is the biggest story around and yet the MSM can't seem to be particularly bothered.

We have people being arrested, charged and given custodial sentences which far outstrip those given out for burglary, theft, or any number of violent crimes for that matter. And what for? For typing some unfunny joke, making an incorrect, biased or just opinionated statement, or for wearing a stupid T-shirt.

On top of this we have people being arrested for pre-crimes. Now I'm in no way a supporter of the EDL and yet I have nothing but outrage for the fact that 53 of them were arrested because 'they might commit some offence'! (I, as with most people, am aware that most of those arrested at EDL marches are from the extreme left-wing UAW and Muslim groups who attempt to disrupt these legitimate and legal meetings - the MSM, of course, simply implies they were 'trouble making EDL members'. I don't agree with the EDL but I support their right to protest and meet).

I'm seriously concerned that what we are rapidly becoming is a police state - thought crimes, speech crimes and dress crimes and now maybe crimes.

I... just.. I'm simply lost for words!

Wha... Able? S'that a certainty? Otherwise "good people" getting arrested for "crimes" they've merely, uhm... thought about?!!!

I mean. I did notice the lovely looking me over across from the grocery - "thought" about pulling over but then I noticed the two smallish chilrens following fairly close and decided to forego.

That could get me arrested in England?!!!

God I hope the one eyeing me was a nanny - dressing like a French maid couldn't possibly get me extradited - could it?

"I was formerly a sailor" in anyways a justifiable defense?

Not quite sure I follow your train of thought to that link, JK, but I suspect the shooter had been up at the still! And you being an ex-sailor is not a defence, it's grounds for prosecution allowing society to get its retaliation in first!

Able, I absolutely agree.

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