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Sunday, 21 October 2012


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"cold kills a lot faster than heat!"

It does and as we don't know which way the climate will turn, we may as well plan for the most harmful - cold. Simple risk assessment.

Indeed, AK. I was thinking that one area worth pursuing is in these new-fangled gene-modified crops which could, perhaps, be designed to withstand colder climes.

Quite right, Duffers. I eagerly look forward to the Banffshire banana plantations, the Peterhead pineapple farms, the Moray mango orchards, the Wester Ross watermelon co-operatives and the Appin avocado enterprises. Bring them on!

When it's spring again, we'll sing again, of olives from Ochiltree.

This has been explained to the worble gloaming fanatics for years, it's what the real climate scientists have been shouting about, and been derided for, for years (it's also why I've been going long on Sorels, Ulfrotte, Nanok and Canada Goose).

The problems arising should we descend into a new minimum will be major considering the massively increased population since the last, mostly fed from areas (northern US, Canada and Russia) which would in all probability be rendered useless for grain. Time to put in a store of long term storage grains? Remember these minimums last decades. (Also water issues will become more acite as more is tied up in ice and snow - won't that be jolly too?)

I know you 'don't do fiction' but this was covered by the Science fiction greats Jerry Pournelle, Larry Niven and Michael Flynn in 'Fallen Angels' (published in 2002). It's a story about a new ice-age brought on by a new minimum, compounded in its effects on humanity by the idiotic policies of the 'Green' movement (stopping oil exploration, cutting fuel allowances, penalising energy producers and users - sound familiar?)

The premise suggested using solar collection mirrors to warm the growing areas so as to maintain the food supply and living conditions. Can you just imagine the Greens apoplexy if anyone suggested we start building satellites to warm the earth? It would almost be worth doing, just for the sake of watching them keel over in their hundreds due to tantrum induced heart attacks!

DM, you're a poet, and you don't know it!

Able, I would suggest 'The Road' by Cormac McCarthy, the best 'apocalypse now' story I have ever read - although I have only ever read about two or three!

The interesting (and amusing) thing now, will be the Warble Gloamists gradually reforming as the Brass Monkey Group. They will predict a new ice age. Nick Clegg will be sent north to rebuild Hadrian's Wall to hold back the Scottish glacier. Scots will have to switch to frozen Mars Bars. Given my advanced years I don't worry too much about any of this.

"Given my advanced years I don't worry too much about any of this."

You and me both, 'Envelope'! Even so, it irks that more and more of my money is going on ridiculous global warming phantasies.

I went through a phase of reading all those post-apocalyptic novels out there:

Cormac McCarthy - The Road. David Brin - The Postman, Brian Keene-The Rising & City Of The Dead, Brian W. Aldiss - Greybeard, and even some I'm not sure who wrote them, Cold Camp, Deep Winter, We Interrupt this Program. The only ones I 'enjoyed' were Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle - Lucifers Hammer, Stephen King - The Stand, and William R. Forstchen - One Second After. Hey, I read a lot!

It's not a sub-genre I favour. I read for the escapism, not to be depressed. For that I just have to go to work (we have such lovely clientèle) or look at the news.

Oh, and the warmists will, entirely without even a flicker of shame, claim that they never said any such thing and even if they did, we misunderstood what they meant, and we're just deniers anyway so just give us some money to bring in the new technology of 'Unicorn Farts' (the strongest greenhouse gas by far tm) of which they just happen to be major shareholders. Just watch.

There is evidence - I don't pretend to understand it, but I do trust it - that at the onset of the last proper ice-age (not the "little" sort, the real thing) the South of England went from a comfortable temperate climate to 100m of ice cover in about thirty years.

Now there something to worry about.

Even Al Gore couldn't ignore that, but no doubt it would turn out to be due to global warming - just like everything else.

Well, wrap up warm, Andrew, me and 'Envelope' won't be around!

How's 'bout a little, Blast From The Past!

Circa March 2000?

Whish is why, JK, I always reach for my shotgun when the word 'expert' is mentioned!

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