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Thursday, 22 November 2012


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In the aftermath of the voting we saw rather too much of weeping angry women vicars, not a sign of maturity or even suitability for a priestly role.
In the earliest days of the church it was often the case that bishops were elected by the congregation. It has always seemed wrong to me that that custom was not perpetuated. I do not raise bishops and priests above the laity.
While there may be many individual exceptions, as a rule women are not ideal for priestly functions. It is not their fault, and they are certainly more suited to some other roles than men.

Heresy, Herod! At least, it is these days. Alas, I am in no position to comment in detail on the Church but I think Ms. McDonagh (above) offers an intelligent commentary.

David. If she wants a knee trembler up the back close and wants my children then please ask her to contact me.
On a more serious note I was not that surprised that the vote went against women Bishops. I have been listening to the debate and was rather saddened with comments strangely enough from women in the Church.
I do take an interest as my Grannie was an English Anglican and my mother was an Episcopalian. She married my dad in the Christ Church Episcopalian Glasgow, 1930. Kind of gives me a reason to comment.

Calm down, dear, she's mine, all mine, I tell you!

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